Terms & Conditions

The following describes the terms and conditions on which Kaycash REMIT allows you,
whether a personal or corporate user, access to our Services regarding international money transfer.
By signing up for the services and using the App, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by the Agreement.


  In this Terms and Conditions:
“Destination Country” means the country in which the Recipient receives money through the Service.
“Local Taxes” means any taxes or charges payable in the Destination Country.
“Payment Instrument” means a valid instrument of payment such as a bank account or debit card.
“Payout Amount” means the amount paid out to the Recipient, after any foreign exchange conversion and excluding Local Taxes.
“Recipient” means someone who receives money through the Service.
“Sender” means someone who uses the Service to send money.
“Service Fee” means the fee applicable to each Transaction.
“Service Provider” means a local bank, money exchange house, or other third party service providers in the Destination Country with whom Kaycash works in providing the Service.
“Transaction” means a specific instruction to send money through the Service.
“Transaction Amount” means the amount of money that the Sender wishes to send to the Recipient, excluding any applicable fees and prior to any foreign exchange conversion.


we agree to provide the Service to you using reasonable care.
-The Service may not be available in whole or in part in certain regions,
countries, or jurisdictions


To use our Service as a Sender you must have at least 18 years old.
-You need to pay us the Service Fee for each Transaction that you submit.
-Please provide us with true, accurate, current and complete information for all Transactions that you submit.

4 User Information Update

4-1 It is your responsibility to make sure that we have your current contact details 
and notify us any change to your informations.
4-2 We are not responsible for any loss to you if it is caused by incorrect information borne with any defective, false or outdated entry due to your negligence.

 5- Application

5.1 For the use of Kaycash remittance service, you must sign in on the application and follow the necessary procedures, such as ID verification and describing the purpose of a transaction you apply for.
5.2 On receiving your remittance application , we immediately send you an email notice stating the details of the application, provided your ID verification has been successful.
5.3 Send us back a confirmation notice if the application details are correct. If the application needs to be modified or cancelled you can do so by following the necessary procedures.
5.4 Make sure that the confirmation notice will reach us in good time or by a date/time we specify; otherwise we may conclude that your application has been cancelled.
5.5 Your application will be finalised when the confirmation notice has reached us within a due period and relevant data have been processed in our service system.
5.6 After a successful application by you, we shall assess the details given and, unless concluded unsatisfactory, proceed to the transfer process, by which we approve of your application. Note that BRASTEL REMIT and you have entered into a contract regarding international money transfer (hereafter referred to as “contract”) upon such an approval and confirmation that a due deposit (a principal amount of remittance and an applicable transfer fee listed 28.2) has been credited to your Account with BRASTEL REMIT by a date/time we specify, of which you will be notified in the way described in 11.1.
5.7 You will also be notified if your application has been turned down as a result of the assessment (see 21.6).
5.8 Your application will be regarded as having been cancelled by you unless the deposit has been credited to your Account by a due date (or the next business day if it falls on a holiday or company holiday).
5.9 At the application stage, with our approval, you may arrange a transfer of the sum made by addition of a new deposit to the original balance of your Account. In this case, you must ensure that your Account is credited with a due principal amount of remittance together with a transfer fee (see Clause 28) by a method you chose during the application process within a due period following its success.
5.10 In the case of the preceding paragraph, the contract is entered into on condition that (1) we have confirmed of the due deposit credited to your Account and that (2) your application has been assessed eligible. If assessed otherwise, however, the application will be nullified while the credited amount to your Account is regarded as an addition to the total balance of deposit. We ensure that you will be notified of the assessment result whether it is positive or not.
5.11 It is your sole responsibility to secure conditions where all your instruments to access the Services (computer, modem, mobile phone and so on) work properly. You agree that BRASTEL REMIT is not responsible for any errors or problems that may arise out of malfunction or failure of the said instruments, internet service provider or other systems, any virus or other problems that may fall outside our responsibility in relation to your use of the Services.
5.12 Fee(s) we have received for processing your application, should it be cancelled, will be handled pursuant to 29.2.
5.13 You agree that we will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of disapproval of your application, as well as any incorrect data entry and information found with it.

6- Reference Number (Transfer)

6.1 A unique reference number will be given to each transfer by our local affiliate upon receiving our instruction. This reference number will be included in the transfer notice referred to in Clause 22.2.
6.2 The reference number is necessary for the recipient to collect the remittance
6.3 You are advised to handle the reference number as prudently as your passwords, and to encourage the recipient to do the same.
If you have lost the reference number or if you suspect it has been known to someone else, please notify us immediately.
Kaycash is not reponsable for any loss incurred to you or the recipient prior to such notice as a result of the reference number being lost or used by someone.
6.4 It is your responsibility to provide the reference number with the recipient.

7- Collection of Remittance
The collection of remittance, executed according to these Terms and Conditions,
shall be made in compliance with our local affiliate’s rules and regulations.


28.1 For the use of our Services, we generally charge you a transfer fee and, where applicable, a processing fee and/or an external fee charged by our affiliate and/or a recipient country. You agree that the external charge may be payable by you after completion of your money transfer (subject to conditions), and that we are not responsible for subtraction made from your remittance which may occur due to various conditions in the recipient country.
28.2 The transfer fee charged by BRASTEL REMIT depends on the amount of remittance you intend to make.
Transfer Fee : ¥330 for any amount of remittance


If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the Kaycash service,
please send your complaint in writing to the address shown on the Contact Us page.
We will investigate your complaint and come back to you with the results of our investigation no later than 5 business days of receipt of your complaint.

10- Security

We take security very seriously at Kaycash, and we work hard, using state-of-the-art security measures, to make sure that your information remains secure.
The kaykash Service is a safe and convenient way to send money to friends and family and to other people that you trust.
However, we do advise you to consider very carefully before sending money to anyone that you do not know well.


10-1 We will refund to you any benefit which we receive as a result of any breach of our agreement with our customers
When Kaycash is responsible for losses and damages with regard to the Transaction,
10-2 we will pay to the customer up to the Transaction Amount as compensation amount for damages